The program helping navigate separations

Australia's first ever DIVORCE 'detox' retreat is set to launch.

A Sydney family layer is set to launch Australia’s first divorce retreat to support women who have recently separated from their partner.

The two-day Detox Your Divorce program founded by Cassandra Kalpaxis, CEO of family law firm Kalpaxis Legal, is designed to offer guests the opportunity to speak with a team of leading professionals about their individual situation.

As divorce is often a frustrating and lonely process, the retreat will allow guests to connect with other women also going through a separation, take part in engaging workshops, learn how to manage stress and anxiety at home, and recharge during an overnight stay in a lush hotel.

While tickets are quite expensive and cost $1,741.84 per person, participants will receive a gift bag with $1,000 worth of items in addition to the overnight stay.

The retreat promises to ‘answer all questions’ women may have about divorce, while also providing time to reset and reflect. 

The Detox Your Divorce program will help women: 

* Connect with other women who are also going through separation

* Spend a weekend recharging, reconnecting and learning how to navigate their separation from industry experts. 

* Receive a gift box with over $1,000 worth of content 

* Create life long friendships and networks 

* Take part in engaging workshops and learn how to manage stress and anxiety at home. 

* Learn the strategies needed to triage their divorce quickly and without spending thousands of dollars on lawyers

* Tickets cost $1,741.84 per person

* Guests will also have access to hotel amenities, daily yoga sessions and unlimited tea and coffee 

* Morning tea, lunch and dinner will be provided on both days 

The panel of 11 special guests brings together experts from all areas to deliver the best possible advice women can take home and apply into their own separation.

Some of the experts include leading relationship expert Dr Lurve, hypnotherapist Dino Hira (Former MAFS contestant), nutritionist Ange Sinclair, financial expert Natasha Janssens, health coach and personal trainer Kathy Ozakovic and meditation therapist Lenore Pearson.

The event will be hosted by Cassandra Kalpaxis herself who will be guiding guests throughout the two days. 

According to family law experts, January 2021 saw record levels of separations taking place around Australia, with heightened tensions due to the coronavirus pandemic throughout 2020.

The situation becomes more complex if children are involved, often making it stressful for both individuals and cause a spike in anxiety levels due to emotional pressure. 

Those interesting in attending the retreat can purchase tickets via the Detox Your Divorce website.