Lenore is an author, transformation coach and meditation therapist.

Her background in teaching, holistic wellness and meditation allows her to create space for women to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; to dig deep, be vulnerable, get real, fear less and live life authentically.

She also considers herself a Champion of Stress – she’s great at it, does a lot of it, but she also knows how to speak its language! With a history of turning the least stressful situations into the most stressful ones, Lenore has grown to understand that knowledge and appreciation of the human body, positive perceptions and living authentically, can take stress from Frenemy to Best Friend Forever.

Her book, Self Ashored, challenges common perceptions people have about life and it offers a navigational tool for moving from healing to growth. When she’s not writing, Lenore honestly buys more books than she can read and will never turn down a cup of tea.

At home, Lenore is ‘mum’, focussing her love and energy on growing the next generation of calm and kind-hearted humans. She’s still working hard on this!