Natasha Janssens is the author of Wonder Woman’s Guide to Money and an award-winning finance expert. After arriving in Australia as an 18-year-old refugee without her family, Natasha learned firsthand the complexities of navigating the Australian financial system and the challenges faced by Australian women. With no knowledge or support network of her own, she set out to learn everything she could, and in the process become a qualified accountant, financial advisor, mortgage broker and Certified Money Coach.
Her passion for education and helping others led her to start Women with Cents – an online community dedicated to empowering Australian women through education. In recognition of her work in the community, Natasha has been awarded the Community Program Of The Year award for the four years in a row in The Women In finance Awards and the 2020 ACT Member Of The Year Award from the Institute of Public Accountants. Natasha is a regular contributor in the media, with her advice being featured in numerous media outlets such as Elle magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Radio, Mamamia and Today Tonight.

Through a combination of free resources, online courses, webinars, personal coaching and public events, Natasha has helped thousands of women across Australia facing various financial challenges, from a financially controlling partner to the risk of bankruptcy, through to cutting back spending or pinpointing specific wealth-building strategies.
Natasha is on a mission to ensure that all Australian women have access to professional financial advice, regardless of their age, income or circumstances.