Stefano is passionate about doing the most to ensure that your matter is resolved amicably and outside of Court. He has particular fondness of the utility that alternative dispute resolution pathways such as shuttle-style Mediation and Collaborative Practice have on ensuring that there is control for you to best alleviate the possibility of stress during this period. Stefano experiences immense satisfaction every time he sees happy families that have achieved stable routines outside of the Court system.

Stefano appreciates that there is no one definition of family. He places himself in your shoes to understand your matter on a deeper level and the various factors surrounding your matter. He is well-experienced in non-traditional and blended families and knows that there are many reasons behind what the definition of family means to you. He listens to you and makes sure that your separation pathway is unique to your needs.

Stefano also understands that being single can be a challenging time filled with uncertainty. The greatest reward, he believes, from leaving unfulfilling relationships is self-love.