The program helping navigate separations

The program helping navigate separations

“As a lawyer, it’s really frustrating having to turn away my client who is grieving and simply give a referral to see a psychologist or a naturopath and say to them they need to make these appointments when they’ve already got so much going on,” family lawyer Cassandra Kalpaxis of Kalpaxis Legal said.

Ms Kalpaxis runs Detox Your Divorce retreat, a girls’ weekend away kicking off with an hour of yoga. “Sometimes it feels like this is the only spot you’re stuck in, but there is a reason and there is a way out,” one participant told A Current Affair during the yoga practice.

Then there is Dr Lurve, who gives participants a lecture on starting over.

“I am Dr Lurve, Australia’s leading love and relationship expert,” the psychologist says while addressing the crowd of women.

“I’m here to teach that divorce is not taboo. It’s giving them space to acknowledge what they were going through,” Dr Lurve told A Current Affair.

The course says it is designed for women on all journeys — separateddivorced, or just wanting to arm themselves with valuable information.

And Ms Kalplaxis says they’ll form relationships with other women who know exactly what they’re going through.

“I’m not kidding when I say this is two days of information that’s taken me 10 years to formulate and collate,” Ms Kalpaxis said.

“They will be feeling enlightened, they will know they’re able to take control of their separation.”

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